Urban Legends & Rumors

We’ve all gotten chain emails, sometimes circulating online for years, of plausible-sounding claims spread by a friend of a friend from untraceable sources – claims that ultimately evaporate in a puff of logic on closer examination.

At other times, rumors, sometimes well-founded, others often much less so, spread through the sometimes unwitting compliance of an irresponsible mass media if not completely invented. Whether urban legends, rumors, and other unfounded claims, we must have the tools to tease out the facts, and to uncover the truths those facts bear out.

After all, Right, Left, Center, whatever, it doesn’t matter. Gullibility knows no distinctions of ideology.

This page will serve as the home for links to blog posts from this site and other online resources on deliberate lies, half-truths, out-of-context factoids, tall tales, rumors, conspiracy theories, urban legends, but all in all, claims meant to mislead the factually unwary and logically innocent.